Starch products can be used in coating applications as binders and thickeners.  Starches contribute to excellent binder characteristic and improved water retention. Starch can replace latex up to a certain amount which results in cost savings. Starch can also replace CMC or other thickeners with better cost performance. 
To find an optimal product for a coating formulation is a rather complicated process. Together with the customer we start with lab work. We produce different coating formulations and investigate viscosity, dry content, water retention and storage stability. As a second step we continue with lab coating on paper and evaluate the surface properties such as IGT and Abraser. The next step is a pilot trial or a full-scale trial depending on which resources are available at the customer. Solam has experience of latex replacement in both pre- and top-coating as well as CMC / thickener replacement.
Solam has a broad product portfolio for coating applications. The brand names for the products that are suitable for latex replacement are Solsize, Soldex and Solcoat. The brand name for thickeners is Soljet.
The Solam team is ready to assist you to in finding an optimal starch product for your coating application.
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