Starches in surface application improves printing characteristic of ready paper. Starches can also improve barrier properties such as oxygen and fat barrier of ready paper.
The optimal product for a paper quality depends on several parameters, such as the required film-forming properties and barrier properties, application equipment, temperature at the application, dry content of cooked starch solution and its required storage stability as starch solution.
Solam can investigate the starch behaviour at our application lab, for example storage stability with different dry content and temperatures. Surface application of different starch products can also be done at our application lab. Surface properties such as IGT, Abraser, Dennison wax and barrier properties can be evaluated on the treated paper.
Solam has a broad product portfolio of starches for surface application. The most common starches are based on potato, legume, wheat or blends. Starches in surface application need to be viscosity-adjusted to get a good performance and runnability at the paper machine. Products with predetermined viscosities, products for enzymatic conversion and in situ degradation are available. The brand name for Solam surface application starches are Solsize and Solcoat.
The Solam team is ready to assist you in the selection of an optimal starch product for your surface application.
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