The Solcoat products are used in paper production in the surface application as, for example, coating starch and  surface sizing starch. The benefits of Solcoat are excellent binder characteristics, improved water retention as well as very good film forming properties. Solcoat make it possible for you to reduce cost by replacing some parts of latex with Solcoat in coating formulations while maintaining printing characteristics.  Solcoat can be used in top-coating as well as in pre-coating. Solcoat can also be used in different kind of barriers. The Solcoat products have better storage stability than Solsize products. Solcoat products are available as cook-up starches. Our product range includes the following product types:

    hydroxypropylated starches available in different viscosities

    phosphated starches available in different viscosities
Solam has solid skills and expertise in coating and surface-sizing application and we are ready to recommend a suitable product for your system