The Solcore products are cold-water dispersible products that can be used in several different speciality applications.


Surface application
The Solcore dispersion can be applied on a paper or board to increase the surface strength and depending on the applied amount it can also form a barrier.


Coaing application
Solcore can be used as binder in coating colour. It can be added dry and is then dispersed during the mixing of the colour.


Spray application
Spraying a dispersion of Solcore increases the surface strength of single papers and the ply bond strength of multi-layer papers and boards.


Wet-end application
When Solcore is used in the wet end it increases the strength properties of the paper as well as the retention of fillers and fines during production. Due to its special characteristics dosages of 0.2 -10 % can be applied in the stock.


Our product range includes the following product types:


  • SOLCORE S 500
    cold-water dispersible potato starch derivate


  • SOLCORE S 530
    cationic cold-water dispersible potato starch derivate



Solam has solid skills and expertise in all the above applications, and we are ready to recommend a suitable product for your system.